About Us

About Us

We are Leading Education Institution since 1992

We are a leading educational institution since 1992.

The leading line of the school was always to extend hands for affordable education to all classes of people.

The Founder, Mr. VC Vellingiri Gounder was a very well educated and eminent agriculturalist. With businesses around the Kongu region as an industrialist and Politician. He always had his passion and interest towards education and educating people.

The now school campus was initially inaugurated as a students hostel in 1952 and was converted into a school for primary education 40 years later around the year 1992.

A proper environment for academic and activities were created and hosted by the Founding members Mr. Sivakumar Mandrariar and Ms. Mano Mandriar.

Passion for education is one thing that stands all through the years..! VCV now thrives to work towards the same and many more years to come.


To focus more on towards an academically oriented approach for students. To understand and educate the overall development of all grades of students. The Personality development and character building of students are given utmost importance surrounding the academic background.


Affordable and Secular education for all. Hosting a positive environment for the students and prepare them with confidence and Positivity in facing the world. A safe environment for students and teachers to learn and help grow them to be better individuals and serve the community in a positive attitude.


To make more number of people to afford education to middle and lower class people.
Make a holistic educational approach more affordable.
Working along with parents, and work hand-in-hand with them for the growth of the children. To support and include an inclusive approach of education for students.